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 the summary of the story told in class

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léa g

léa g

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PostSubject: the summary of the story told in class   Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:00 pm

The adventure of the six little bears

This is the story of a bear family who lived in a tree, in a wood.
In this family, there was one mother and six little bears.
One night, the six little bears went to their beds to sleep. Their mother kissed them and went downstairs. All was right.
But this night was different. The litte bears heard a strange noise:

-"HOUOU !!!!!"

The bears were scared. They couldn't call their mother because she was downstairs and the bedroom door was closed.
The biggest bear, Teddy, opened the windows and looked at the garden. But it was too dark and he didn't see anything. He went back in this bed. But the bears heard:

-"HOUOU !!!!!!!!" again
-"What is it ?? " said the little bears.

They opened the windows and climbed down to the garden-wall. They walked on a small road, in the wood, in the dark. They crossed a bridge and walked between two rocks. After, they saw a cave:

-"Come on !!!!" said Teddy.
nd, in the dark, the bears saw two, big, yellow, frightenning eyes.......
BIG PANIC !!!!!!!! The bears were afraid. They shouted. They ran back home (walked between the two rocks, crossed the bridge etc....)and they went back to their beds.

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PostSubject: Thank you Léa !   Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:14 pm you!!!!
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the summary of the story told in class
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