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 About we studied on Tuesday ... about Indian Tribe ...

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Aurélien B.

Aurélien B.

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PostSubject: About we studied on Tuesday ... about Indian Tribe ...   Thu May 22, 2008 8:35 pm

Well, what did Mayflower is ?

I look for answers and here 's I found ... very interresting !

The Mayflower was
the famous ship that transported the English Separatists, better
known as the Pilgrims, from Southampton, England, to Plymouth,
Massachusetts (which would become the capital of Plymouth Colony), in
1620. The vessel left England on September 6, and after a gruelling
66-day journey marked by disease, the ship dropped anchor inside the
hook tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown Harbor) on November 11 (dates in
Old Style, Julian Calendar; according to the New Style Gregorian
Calendar, the corresponding dates are September 16 and November 21).
The Mayflower originally was destined for the mouth of the Hudson
River, near present-day New York City, at the northern edge of
England's Virginia colony, which itself was established with the 1607
Jamestown Settlement. However, the Mayflower went off course as the
winter approached, and remained in Cape Cod Bay (mapped in 1602 by
On March 21, 1621, all surviving passengers, who had
inhabited the ship during the winter, moved ashore at Plymouth, and
on April 5, the Mayflower, a privately commissioned vessel, retur ned
to England (details below).
In 1623, a year after the death of
captain Christopher Jones, the Mayflower was most likely dismantled
for scrap lumber in Rotherhithe, London.

If you wana some information , here there are ; CLIK !

Who was Sir Walter
Raleigh was born to a Protestant family in Devon, the son of Walter
Raleigh and Katherine Champernowne. Little is known for certain of
his early life, though he spent some time in Ireland, in Killuagh
castle, Clonmellon, County Westmeath, taking part in the suppression
of rebellions and participating in two famous massacres at Rathlin
Island and Smerwick, later becoming a landlord of lands confiscated
from the Irish. He rose rapidly in Queen Elizabeth I's favour, being
knighted in 1585, and was involved in the early English colonisation
of the New World in Virginia under a royal patent. In 1591 he
secretly married Elizabeth Throckmorton, one of the Queen's
ladies-in-waiting, without requesting the Queen's permission, for
which he and his wife were sent to the Tower of London. After his
release they retired to his estate at Sherborne, Dorset.
In 1594 Raleigh heard of a "Golden City" in South
America and sailed to find it, publishing an exaggerated account of
his experiences in a book that contributed to the legend of El
Dorado. After Queen Elizabeth 1 died in 1603, Raleigh was again
imprisoned in the Tower, this time for allegedly being involved in
the Main Plot against King James I who was not favourably disposed
toward him. However in 1616 he was released in order to conduct a
second expedition in search of El Dorado. This was unsuccessful and
the Spanish outpost at San Thomé was ransacked by men under
his command. After his return to England he was arrested and after a
show trial held mainly to appease the Spanish, he was beheaded at
If you wana some information , here there are ; CLIK !

Good bye for now

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PostSubject: Re: About we studied on Tuesday ... about Indian Tribe ...   Fri May 23, 2008 4:25 pm

Very good, Aurélien, you will tell about that on Monday , because we haven't finished, of course ...
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About we studied on Tuesday ... about Indian Tribe ...
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