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 What you said about the play ...

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PostSubject: What you said about the play ...   Thu May 01, 2008 1:00 pm

Well, on the whole, your essays weren't too bad: Here is some extracts of what you said that I intend to send to the company :

« The actor who played J. Merrick ( Elephant Man) was very good because it’s hard to play a character like that »

« I thought the guy who played him was very good and he succeeded to make me understand the pain of his character very well »

« … something I disliked : it was about Princess Alexandra who was too much caricatural …. »

«  »The woman who played Dr Treves’s wife was very good! She played like I imagined it ... »

« About the performance, I think it was very good and I liked it very much. The performance of the actors was good too. But I didn’t like the performance of the actress who had the character of the Princess. It was very funny but too caricatural. »

« The actors tried to make the play more funny with Tom Norman. In the film he is the bad guy without remorses , but in the play, he’s more fun, he’s a bit friendly... »

« So I found this play very good. Short, but good ... »

« The play was not very difficult to understand…. »

« I disliked the moment of the play when J. Merrick died ... »

« In fact, it’s a tragic story, but some scenes were funny… So, it wasn’t sad . »

« The Princess was a bit ridiculous but she was very funny! »

« It was very different from the image I had, but it was good . »

« And I was happy because I understood all the play. »

« J. Merrick was well represented and the actor who played him was really perfect. »

«  I found the set funny, I enjoyed to see how the actors changed it in front of us. We realized that they didn’t need a lot of cupboards and desks and chairs to make a good set . »

«  In my head I imagined Tom Norman was more violent, more dark. »

« I loved the scene when Mr Merrick told: » Doctor, I thank you very much.. » It was very beautiful …. « 
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What you said about the play ...
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